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Topics of MSc and BSc theses

Interaction of cyanobacteria or lichens in natural environment

  • The effect of environmental factors (biotic and abiotic) on the production of lichen metabolites.
  • Analysis of biochemical changes occurring in tree tissues as a result of their colonization by lichens.
  • Molecular backgrounds of cyanophage infection – analysis of mechanisms on genetic, physiological and biochemical level.
  • Response mechanisms of Raphidiopsis raciborskii to environmental stress condition (effect of H2O2 and chill/light).

Secondary metabolites

  • Separation, identification and acquisition of bioactive secondary metabolites synthesized by lichens.

Environmental biotechnology phytoremediation and bioremediation

  • Design of production of model cyanobacterial constructs by CyanoGate technic; analysis and optimization of protein productivity (MlrA in particular).
  • Construction of algae-microbial fuel cell (aMFC) that employs cyanobacteria with the overexpression of valuable protein; the analysis of aMFC functionality.