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PhD Students

Adam Antosiak

photo of MSc Adam Antosiak

I completed my master's degree in biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University in 2020 and currently continue my studies on PhD programme. I am a quick learner who likes to learn new methods and gain new skills. Open-minded and curious about the world.
room: A204 (4.1.32), phone: +48 12 664 63 51

Adam Antosiak email opening linkLink to orcid page with information about Adam Antosiak Link opening Adam Antosiak's profile on the researchgate platform 



Barbara Klimczak

photo of MSc Barbara Klimczak


In 2021 I obtained my master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology in the Department of Analytical Biochemistry at Jagiellonian University. The same year I have joined Laboratory of Metabolomics as a PhD student. In my project, I’m aiming to explore the adaptation mechanisms of invasive freshwater cyanobacteria. My research interests centre around the topics related to microbiology and genetic. Recently I started developing skills in C and Python language.
room: A241 (4.1.31), phone: +48 12 664 65 33 

  Barbara Klimczak email opening link 


Bartosz Lelito

photo of msc Bartosz Lelito

I graduated with a master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology in 2022. I have been a part of the Laboratory of Metabolomics since my undergraduate studies. In my research, I focus on discovering new cyanobacterial secondary metabolites and finding potential applications for them. I am interested in the methodology of science and other ways of gaining knowledge about the world.
room: A203 (4.1.33), phone: 12 664 65 41

Bartosz Lelito email opening link




Saravana Kumar Selvaraj

photo of MSc Saravana Kumar Selvaraj


I am Saravana Kumar Selvaraj from India, graduated from Jagiellonian University and joined as a PhD student in Metabolomics Laboratory. In the lab I am trying to optimize the production of cyanophycin (a secondary metabolite) from different cyanobacterial strains and find it's perpetual application in the field of biotechnology. Before joining as a PhD student, I was working in cyanotoxins under the guidance of dr. Ariel Kamiński. In my free time, I used to play sports particularly badminton and cricket, also I enjoy travelling and sight seeing.
room: A203 (4.1.33), phone: +48 12 664 65 41
Saravana Kumar Selvaraj email opening link Link opening Saravana Kumar Selvaraj's profile on the researchgate platform