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Our profile

The Laboratory of Metabolomics was established in 2021 and its present research profile comprises:

  • genetic, physiological and biochemical characterisation of toxic/invasive freshwater cyanobacteria;
  • bioremediation of freshwaters from cyanotoxins;
  • determination and characterisation of secondary metabolites of cyanobacteria and lichens;
  • mechanisms of interactions of freshwater cyanophages with cyanobacteria;
  • synthetic biology of cyanobacteria for the production of microcystinase.

The most principal research techniques exploited in the Laboratory are:

  • molecular tools for cloning and heterologous expression in bacteria and cyanobacteria,
  • RT qPCR,
  • photochemical measurements of PSI and PSII,
  • HPLC and LC-MS.
  • We have also a laboratory background for cyanobacteria culture and spectroscopic measurements (UV/VIS and fluorescence).

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Short overview of our recent research is in the video presentation.

Video gallery