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  • Genetic engineering of bacteria and cyanobacteria (cloning, transformation, recombination etc.
  • Purification of recombinant proteins
  • qPCR for the quantitative analysis of gene expression
  • PAM fluorymetry in the monitoring of the light phase of photosynthesis in cyanobacteria
  • Cyanophage titration by MPN and qPCR
  • Determination of the activity of selected enzymes of cyanobacteria, lichens and plants by colorimetric and fluorometric methods
  • The isolation of cyanobacterial membranes by centrifugation in saccharose gradient
  • Determination of membrane fluidity by EPR
  • Measurement of the intensity of respiration and photosynthesis processes in plants, algae and cyanobacteria using the Clark oxygen electrode and an infrared gas analyzer (IRGA)
  • Analysis of the concentration of selected primary and secondary metabolites by HPLC
  • Determination of photosynthetic pigments concentration by colorimetric method
  • Purification and concentration of selected secondary metabolites using Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  • Colorimetric measurement of lipid peroxidation